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Mission and Goals

Our mission is to educate, prepare, and empower teen mothers and their children. We break the cycle of poverty for two generations–teen mother and child–through education, health and wellness, and economic and social asset building. Our trauma-informed, two-generation service model more than doubles the national high school graduation rate of teen mothers and ensures that their children are kindergarten-ready. Our organizational goals include:

  1. FloCrit graduates transition to post-secondary or career opportunities equipped with competitive skills and work experience.
  2. Children who graduate from our ECE Center are physically, cognitively, and social-emotionally ready to achieve proficiency in school.
  3. Teen moms and graduates access resources and maintain optimal health for themselves and their children.
  4. Teen moms, graduates and their families have a sustainable financial plan based on their income and needs.
  5. Teen moms, graduates, and their families strengthen social networks to assist them through crises and help them navigate resources.