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Donate a Vehicle

You can make a generous gift to Florence Crittenton Services by donating a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or camper that you no longer use.

We partner with Vehicles for Charity to process our vehicle donations. If you are interested in donating a vehicle, please contact Vehicles of Charity by calling 1.866.628.2277 or 303.308.2400 and tell them you have a vehicle you want to donate to Florence Crittenton Services.  They will handle everything, including picking up your vehicle, transferring the title, auctioning the vehicle, and transferring the proceeds to us to support our programs to educate, prepare, and empower teen mothers and their children.

When you donate a vehicle, you may be eligible for a tax deduction for the gross sales price of your vehicle on your federal income taxes.  If the gross sales price is more than $500, you may be required to complete Form 8283, “Non-cash Charitable Contributions.” Donors should contact their tax advisor for advice regarding the availability of the deduction.  Information provided here is not tax advice.