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2019 Charles Crittenton Community Partner Award Winner: Denver Public Schools

Florence Crittenton Services is pleased to honor Denver Public Schools as the recipient of the 2019 Inaugural Charles Crittenton Community Partner Award.  This award is presented annually to an individual or institution who embodies the spirit of Charles Crittenton through partnership and collaboration.


About Charles Crittenton

 Charles Nelson Crittenton (1833-1909) was a business man and social philanthropist who, in partnership with Dr. Kate Waller Barrett, founded the first Florence Crittenton Mission to advocate for the empowerment of young women. After the death of his youngest daughter, Florence, Charles recommitted his life and fortune to catalyze social change for young women and their children by opening the Florence Crittenton Night Mission in 1883. Charles met Kate in 1893 and the two bonded over a shared dream of advocating for the rights of young women to enjoy the same opportunities as men—to change their lives and support themselves and their families. From then until his death, Charles lived on his “Good News” train car, traversing the country speaking and founding homes for women and young girls. The National Florence Crittenton Mission established in Denver, Colorado became the first charitable organization to receive a Congressional Charter in 1898, and Charles served as the first President. Under his leadership, National Florence Crittenton expanded to over 70 homes during his lifetime, and included international homes in Marseille, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Mexico City. At his death, he left his estate to perpetuate his work with young women in communities around the world.


2019 Inaugural Charles Crittenton Community Partner Award, Denver Public Schools

In the spirit of Charles Crittenton, Florence Crittenton Services is pleased to honor Denver Public Schools for their 35 years of partnership. DPS and Florence Crittenton Services have worked together to provide high quality education to our young mothers to prepare and empower them to live full, sustainable lives without limitation. From the beginning, with two teachers and one classroom, to the first Florence Crittenton High School graduating class in 2011, to the opening of our dedicated high school building in 2015, the FloCrit–DPS partnership has stood as an example of how organizations can work together to create possibilities for the most vulnerable members of our community.