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Register for Wellness Automatic Writing and Movement

Automatic Writing and Movement

Join Ali Duncan of Urban Sanctuary for this class. We all have stories that are flowing through our minds and are affecting our physical self and our future.
Take a deep dive into those stories; change them, and notice instant freedom that is felt in the mind and the heart. Register for this class below.

Ali has been sharing her passion for helping others for over 15 years in the form of healing through yoga and energy recalibration. Ali studied yoga, meditation, and pranayama in Rishikesh, India where she fell in love with the country and rituals. Ali has been practicing yoga for over 20 year, and creates unique classes that support different healing needs. Her different paths have led her to experience the wonderful power of energy healing in all her offerings. Her intuitive work takes on many forms, but the results are the same—clearing of trapped emotions, stronger connection to self, blocks removed, physical and mental balance, and health.

Ali wanted to be a part of a space that supported her unique individuality and gifts that she has been sharing with the world for over 16 years. When she was not able to find that space, she did the next logical thing and created it. She set the intention that this space would welcome all different kinds of ideas, beliefs, practices, and people. Urban Sanctuary was created in October 2016. It is the home for diverse practitioners that share their gifts with the community. Offerings include energy work, acupressure, massage, estheticians, ayurveda, coaching, counseling, yoga, tantra, cranial sacral, reiki, Thai massage, workshops,  yoga, POC classes, social gatherings, and more. Over the years, Urban Sanctuary has created a community of connection, support, individuality, love, health, and wellness.