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125th Anniversary Cycles of Success Gala

Florence Crittenton Services is pleased to announce that the Florence Crittenton Services’ 125th Anniversary Cycles of Success Gala will be held on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hilton Denver City Center, formerly known as the Denver Marriott City Center, and the keynote speaker will be advice columnist Amy Dickinson.

Event Parking

Valet Parking
• $19 for up to 4 hours
• $27 for 4-8 hours
• $42 for 8+ hours or overnight parking

Additional Parking Options
• 1801 California Street $6 4:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m.
• Plaza Garage (1822 California Street) $5 5:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m.
• Residence Inn Garage


Amy Dickinson

For more than a decade, her column, “Ask Amy: Advice for the Real World,” has appeared in over 150 newspapers and is read by over 22 million readers daily.  Amy has turned the homespun advice collected from her years as a single mother living in both urban and small-town America into straightforward, yet traditional answers to modern-day dilemmas.  She is a regular voice on NPR, both as a panelist on the popular NPR quiz show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” and as a contributor on “All Things Considered.”


Amy left her Chicago home in 2007 to return to Freeville, NY, population 505, to care for her elderly mother. She later recognized that this trip revitalized her own life. It was there that she reconnected with a high school friend, whom she would marry, and got a new full-time job: stepmother to her husband’s four girls.  Shortly after her marriage, Amy’s oldest stepdaughter became a teen mother while in high school.


For more information about Florence Crittenton Services and the 125th Anniversary Cycles of Success Gala, please contact Development Associate, Maggie McHenry, at mmchenry@flocritco.org or 720.423.8913.


Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Advocate Award Winner: Helen Drexler

Dr. Kate Waller Barrett (January 24, 1857–February 23, 1925) was a humanitarian, philanthropist, and social reformer. While raising six children and opening a shelter for unwed mothers, she earned a Medical Degree and a Doctor of Science. In 1895, Dr. Barrett officially joined forces with Charles Nelson Crittenton to co-found the National Florence Crittenton Mission, and they established rescue homes for unwed mothers across the country. More than 70 Crittenton homes operated in the United States and abroad at the time of her death.

In 1909, Dr. Barrett became the Mission’s President and ignited the movement of supporting girls and young women, including women of color. Her advocacy efforts and leadership also supported girls and young women beyond the walls of the Crittenton homes.  A few of her many accomplishments include:

• Creating community action by partnering with John D. Rockefeller to create an anti-trafficking film titled, “Traffic in Souls;”

• Voted President of the National Council of Women;

• Welcoming a “colored home” as a new Crittenton home, and including Ms. Sarah Malone, the home’s leader and a women of color, in the Mission’s leadership;

• Appointed as a delegate to the 1924 Democratic National Convention; and

• Appointed as special agent of the U.S. Bureau of Immigration for her anti-sex trafficking and system change advocacy changing the way girls and young women were treated while in custody.

In the spirit of Dr. Kate Waller Barrett, Helen Drexler is a strong advocate for young women and children. She currently serves as president and CEO of Delta Dental of Colorado. Prior to this position, Helen served as the regional vice president of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shied, where she worked in a variety of leadership roles for 30 years.

Helen has worked tirelessly to promote health and wellness initiatives in our community. She is a leader who believes businesses see the greatest success when they help strengthen the communities they serve. She was on the board of directors of Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado from 2008 to 2013 and was board chair in 2011 and 2012. She was instrumental in developing the Building for Teen Family Success capital campaign, which funded the expansion and renovation of the Florence Crittenton campus. Her strategic vision and commitment to the potential of teen mothers and their children has continued to propel innovation and enhancement in the services we provide.

In addition, Helen, as a member of the Women’s United Cabinet for the United Way of Greater Atlanta, helped drive the passage of the 2016 Safe Harbor Yes ballot initiative to secure funding and a continuum of care for human trafficking victims in the greater Atlanta area. The initiative seeks to end human trafficking and the exploitation of the community’s most vulnerable population—children and teens. In every way, Helen exemplifies what it means to be a dedicated and effective advocate for teen families. We are thrilled to recognize her with the inaugural Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Advocate Award.


125 Years of History Video

Florence Crittenton Services has been serving women and children in Denver for 125 years from its many years as a home for unwed mothers to a school for teen mothers and their children. Learn Florence Crittenton's origin story. Hear from some of the staff and clients who were involved in Florence Crittenton Services during its time as the Home, the people who dreamed up the school model, and the staff and community members who helped grow the campus to what it is today.

Florence Crittenton Programs Video

Florence Crittenton Services educates, prepares, and empowers teen mothers and their children. Hear about the programs offered from an alumna, a recent graduate, and a current student.

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