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Volunteer Opportunity: FloKits

FloKits are a special way for your group or company to volunteer with Florence Crittenton Services. If your group has a budget and would like a meaningful and practical activity that will directly support FloCrit teen moms and kids, look no further than FloKits. Each FloKit was designed to support the unique moms and kids at FloCrit. Your team will receive all the materials to build the kits, complete with curated group and individual reflection activities to do as you build each kit.

We have three FloKit options for you to choose from—the Self-Care for Moms kit, the Raising a Reader kit, and the Period Wellness Kit.

Self-Care for Moms Kit
This kit is designed to provide moms with materials she can use to relax and enjoy time for themselves.
Items included: A journal and pen, wellness coloring book, colored pencils, and nail polish

Raising a Reader Kit
This kit is for our littlest members of the FloCrit community, and is designed to support moms and their kids with literacy, bonding, and creativity.
Items included: One book, two mini stuffed animals, coloring book, and crayons.

Period Wellness Kit
We created this kit is because we all deserve a little comfort and care.
Items included: One box of tampons, one box of pads, and chocolate.

Each kit you build will go directly to one mom or child at Florence Crittenton Services. Once you order your kits, all supplies will be shipped directly to our campus at 96 S Zuni St Denver. A representative from your company/group will need to pick up supplies from our campus, or work with us to set up delivery. Your group will be responsible for assembling each kit—a short process with an included gratitude activity included for all volunteers. This activity allows volunteers to have a meaningful experience while learning a bit more about us.

Please fill out the interest form below and we will be in touch to further coordinate.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the health and wellbeing of the teen mothers and children at Florence Crittenton Services.

FloKits Interest Form

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